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Teeth Cleaning for Kids: How to Make it Fun and Effective

image of a happy child brushing her teeth

Did you like brushing your teeth when you were a kid? Do you remember understanding the importance of having optimal oral health as a child? For most people, the answer is probably going to be no. Unfortunately, many children have a hard time brushing their teeth and comprehending the importance of teeth cleaning for their health. But how can you change the game? How can you transform tooth brushing into a fun experience so that your children can enjoy it? Let’s look at some ideas.


Choose an Adequate Toothpaste


One reason some kids resist brushing their teeth is the strong, refreshing taste of adult toothpastes. This is particularly important for young kids who tend to have more sensitive teeth and gums. Many kids’ toothpastes from a variety of different brands offer more appealing flavors, providing a more pleasant experience. You can even have your children try different options until they find their favourite one!


Explain The Need for Brushing in a Fun Way


An effective way of transforming teeth cleaning into a more enjoyable experience is by explaining the importance of dental hygiene. However, this should be done in a way that your kids can understand. Try creating a fun story about how they must “defend their teeth” (brushing) from the invasion of the “bad guys” (bacteria) on a regular basis. A more spontaneous approach can make the whole activity more relatable to children who are generally too young to understand the scientific details of oral health.


Establish a Fun Reward Culture


Another great way to make your children have a fun time brushing their teeth is by establishing a reward system. This can be done in various ways, such as allowing some extra videogame time or even letting them choose where they want to go over the weekend. This strategy helps children develop the habit of brushing their teeth on a regular basis, which can greatly contribute to the way they deal with dental health in the future.


Pay Close Attention to How They Brush


Children have little experience brushing their teeth, which can lead to unpleasant and sometimes painful experiences. With sensitive gums and loose teeth, brushing can be considerably more uncomfortable for children than it is for adults. For that reason, it is fundamental that you supervise your kids when they brush or floss. Make sure they are handling the toothbrush properly and that they are brushing their teeth gently and efficiently. This can make the experience more enjoyable, which helps them establish a healthy routine.


Pediatric Dentistry in Victoria


When it comes to children’s oral health, the right approach is fundamental to avoid traumatic experiences. For that reason, Sherwood Family Dental Clinic counts on experienced professionals who understand how to effectively treat young patients. From teeth cleaning to alignment treatments, we provide a wide range of dental solutions for you and your children. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and let us be your family’s partner in the journey towards optimal oral health. Reach out to us.


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