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Warm and Comfortable Pediatric Dentistry Treatment in Victoria

One of the essential factors for the healthy development of your child is taking care of their oral health. At Sherwood Family Dental Clinic in Victoria, we understand how your child feels while visiting the dentist. That's why we take great pleasure in creating a welcoming, warm environment for both you and your child to have a stress-free checkup. With facilities like an overhead TV to keep them occupied, we can even use laughing gas if necessary because we ensure that your child will feel comfortable during the dental procedure. 

Make your child’s first dental visit to our clinic. Call us today.

The Initial Visit

According to the Canadian Dental Association, a child should have his or her first dental appointment within six months of the appearance of the first tooth, or before their first birthday.

Following the initial visit, the dentist will schedule routine checkups every six months to prevent minor problems from developing. The following are some of the other advantages of doing so:

Frequent dental checkups teach the importance of proper oral hygiene techniques.

Developing a positive mindset towards dental visitations.

Allowing for early detection and addressing of oral health problems as quickly as possible.

Finding signs of tooth decay and cavities before they worsen.

Ensuring an overall healthy development of the teeth and mouth.

Our team of oral hygienists and Dr. Mulholland will work together to ensure that your child has a positive and fun experience while learning about good dental hygiene. Our pediatric dentistry in Victoria can aid in the development of dental habits in your child that will allow for good oral health throughout their childhood.

When it's time for your child to see the dentist, make an appointment with Sherwood Family Dental Clinic.

Stress-free Pediatric Dental Care

We will take care of your child’s oral health at our warm and friendly clinic. 

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