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Dental insurance is offered by dental insurance companies for almost all procedures, excluding cosmetic dentistry. However, sometimes, dental insurance can prove to be a challenging concept to navigate. For this reason alone, many dentists avoid working with dental insurance companies. 

Here at Sherwood Family Dental Clinic, we work alongside various dental insurance companies to offer you full support throughout your treatment process. In case you need it, we are more than happy to assist you in the processing of your dental insurance claims. However, it is advised that you also familiarize yourself with your insurance coverage properly.


Committed to Offering the Best Assistance

It is also noticed that at times insurance companies do not effectively communicate the amount of a patient’s coverage with their dentist and do so only after the claim has been filed. This creates a barrier as the patient is not aware of the exact amount the claim will cover, even if it is covering a procedure.  Furthermore, some insurance companies do not communicate the insurance info with the dentist at all, which makes the entire process more difficult to execute.

We understand this and do our best to help you easily navigate the complicated and tiresome path that dental insurance encompasses. Our dentists make sure to be thoroughly transparent in our communication so that you remain stress-free during your treatment. 

Some of the dental insurance companies we work with include:

Blue Cross

Green Shield


If you want to know more about how we can help with your dental insurance, don’t hesitate to call us or visit us.

Discuss Your Dental Problems

Our dentist and team are always ready to listen to your concerns and find a reliable solution.

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