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A surgical treatment performed in or around your mouth or jaw is referred to as oral surgery. Some of the common surgical procedures are bone grafts, dental implants, and wisdom teeth removal. Sherwood Family Dental Clinic has been providing comprehensive oral health care services for over 20 years. Our emergency dental services help alleviate the pain with a stress-free and comfortable dental procedure. We can treat a range of dental health issues in Victoria. 

Teeth problems are sometimes complicated. Although some issues can be treated with surgery, other dental problems only require practicing a good oral health routine. Whether you need your wisdom tooth extracted or your infected root canal to be treated, the team at Sherwood Family Dental Clinic is equipped to perform oral surgery in Victoria. 

Removal of Wisdom Teeth 

Wisdom teeth are the last pair of molars to emerge and usually develop in adolescent years. Wisdom teeth, which are located at the rear of the mouth, can produce mild to severe discomfort when they burst through the gums.

While for many people, wisdom teeth develop completely straight and create no difficulties aside from the discomfort during release, some patients have a more unpleasant experience. The impacted wisdom teeth can be a prominent cause of misaligned teeth in your mouth. It happens because the wisdom teeth have the tendency to break out at unexpected and undesirable angles toward the molars that are adjacent. This further causes the already adjacent teeth to shift from their normal position. The smartest option is to remove the wisdom teeth in such cases to ensure and preserve an appropriate biting pattern in adolescents.

Wisdom teeth extraction is usually recommended since it eliminates a slew of additional issues that might arise. The following are some of the issues:

    Other teeth damage - Removal of wisdom teeth is recommended because if not removed, it can lead to damage to other teeth. 

    Jaw issues - Most jaw issues, including discomfort in the jaw, soreness and tightness, can be avoided by having your wisdom teeth removed.

    Sinus issues - Wisdom teeth can place strain on your sinuses as they develop, causing pain and inflammation. Sinus headaches may develop as a result of this. Such sinus problems can be avoided by having your wisdom teeth removed.

    Gum inflammation - Wisdom teeth are frequently related to gum disease and inflammation, which is why dentists recommend that patients with wisdom teeth get them extracted as soon as possible.

The Advantages of Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The following are some of the reasons why removing it may be advantageous to you and your dental health:

    Lower pain and headaches - Teeth crowding can be caused by the advent of new teeth. Removal of wisdom teeth helps alleviate the pain.

    Reduction in the risk of oral diseases - Keeping a wisdom tooth can lead to issues such as dental decay and gum disease, which can worsen in the future. These dangers to oral hygiene can be avoided by having wisdom teeth removed.

    Avoid tooth damage - The pressure exerted by the wisdom tooth as it emerges between other teeth can damage the roots of neighbouring teeth. The removal of teeth helps keep the ones that are left healthy and free of disease.

You don't have to wait until your wisdom teeth start bothering you to have them out. Make an appointment with us right now. Our dentists are well-versed in the technique and have plenty of experience doing it. 

Root Canal Therapy 

You may need a root canal if you have a bad toothache or you are experiencing persistent sensitivity to extreme temperatures. This operation is used when the tooth's nerve tissue is injured or contaminated, resulting in unwanted symptoms like pain, sensitivity to warmth and pressure, swelling, soreness and tooth discolouration.

A root canal is a procedure that involves the extraction of the dental pulp. The nerve tissue is then restored with a sealant paste and the outer access hole is repaired with a filler. Since teeth that require root canal therapy are generally weak or seriously damaged, a crown or other repair may be required after your initial session to reinforce the tooth and protect it from breaking.

Please contact Sherwood Family Dental Clinic to book a consultation if you're having dental discomfort or need a root canal and wisdom tooth removal. We are excited to serve you!

Effective Wisdom Tooth Removal

We can protect your teeth and other parts of your mouth using our oral surgery procedures.

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