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Periodontal disease, often known as gum disease (or periodontitis) is characterized by severe inflammation around the tooth's tissues and the jawbone in its advanced stages. There can be various reasons behind this disease, but the most common causes are poor brushing and flossing habits that allow the build-up of dental plaque. There are various kinds of the disease, such as chronic periodontitis, periodontitis necrotizing and the development of periodontitis as a result of systemic illness.

If you develop periodontal disease, don’t worry as it can be treated. Dr. Mulholland will do a periodontal examination during your consultation to establish the severity of the disease. If gingivitis is the only problem, only one of two routine cleanings is required. Call our dental clinic in Victoria today. 


While there are various periodontal diseases that can arise through common causes and lack of care towards one’s oral hygiene, these can be avoided by paying regular visits to your dental hygienist for teeth cleaning. The benefits of a routine dental hygiene checkup entail the detection of potential threats to your gums or teeth and getting adept preventive and restorative care on time. You can also prevent gum diseases by exercising adequate at-home oral care and following appropriate dietary choices. If you are someone who hesitates to pay a visit to your dentist, sedation dentistry is an explorable option. Call us to know more.

What We Offer

If your illness has developed to the point that it has become periodontal, it’s time for the second appointment. Periodontal treatment will help optimize the overall health of the bone. Dr. Mulholland will explain the alternative treatments with you, which may include:

Root planing and scaling

Regeneration of tissues

Surgery to remove pockets

It's time to consult a dentist if you've been suffering discomfort around your gum line. Make an appointment with Sherwood Family Dental Clinic today.

Find Treatments for Your Periodontal Diseases

Discuss with our dentists and find effective treatment options for periodontal diseases.

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