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Myths About Dentures

an elderly man inserts removable dentures into his mouth

Did you know that some of the oldest false teeth discovered are dated to around 2500 BC? These teeth originated in Mexico and appear to consist of wolf teeth. Luckily for us, polymethyl methacylite (PMMA or acrylic resin) became the prevailing material used for dentures in 1938 and is still used today.

While dentistry has come a long way over the years, there are still some myths and misconceptions surrounding dentures. So, keep reading to find out more about the myths about dentures.

Dentures Are for Old People

While it is more common for older people to have false teeth, dentures aren't only for the elderly. Dentures are a convenient and effective way to replace missing teeth. Dentures can be a great way to get your smile back if you've had teeth removed at any age or naturally lost teeth.

Dentures Are Noticeable

The only thing that will be noticeable is your confidence to smile again. Modern-day prosthetic teeth are made to match your gums and jaw, leaving you with natural-looking dentures that aren't noticeable.

Just note that when you initially get your dentures, you might feel some irritation that might be noticeable, but once that fades, you'll never need to worry about noticeable dentures again.

Dentures Are Painful

This is one of the main denture misconceptions that prevent people from enquiring about dentures.

When getting dentures, it's normal to feel a bit of irritation in the beginning as your mouth needs to get accustomed to the dentures. Even though dentures are custom-fitted and designed to fit your mouth shape and size, your mouth will still need to adjust to the new feeling. But all in all, dentures aren't meant to be painful, and if you still feel irritation after a few weeks, you might need to adjust your dentures.

Dentures Can Be Cleaned With Normal Toothpaste

The toothpaste you normally use was formulated and made with natural teeth in mind. While toothpaste cleans your teeth, it can damage your dentures because the ingredients aren't formulated with the right material. In the same way bleach, vinegar, and soaps can damage your dentures; you need to be careful of toothpaste ingredients.

It would be best if you cleaned your dentures every night using a soft brush and a denture-approved soap. After that, you must soak them overnight in a water-based cleaning solution.

Myths About Dentures Debunked

The myths about dentures have been around for as long as dentures have been used. While they are a great way to replace missing teeth, people still believe they aren't an option for everyone. If you're still unsure about getting dentures, contact your dentist to discuss your options.

Please contact Sherwood Family Dental Clinic for any dental questions you may have. You can also book an appointment online if you're located in Greater Victoria and the surrounding areas.


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