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The Different Types of Sedation Dentistry and Why It Should Matter to You?

A girl getting sedated at the dentist.

Do you suffer from dental anxiety? If you do, then the thought of pain is probably one of the things that will only increase your anxiety. The best way to avoid this is to do sedation dentistry. However, there are different types of sedation dentistry available. Knowing the types available will help you decide on what you are comfortable with. Some sedation works better with certain procedures. To ensure that you make the right decision take a look at the different types of sedation available.

Laughing Gas Sedation Laughing gas is safe for patients of all ages to use. You will be awake and aware of your surroundings during the procedure. This type of sedation is especially useful for those who have dental phobia. A mask will be placed over your nose and you will be asked to inhale. It will start working in a few minutes. It will also wear off very quickly. You will be able to drive yourself home if you can't find someone to drive you because the side effects wear off once the gas mask is removed. Laughing gas can be used for almost every procedure. Oral Sedation Dentistry If you need to do oral sedation then you will be advised of the type of medication that will be used ahead of time. You will then be given a prescription. You will have to fast for at least eight hours before you receive this dental treatment. That is why it is always best for you to schedule your appointments early in the morning. Oral sedation can and will often make you feel drowsy enough to sleep. You may be prevented from falling asleep because your dentist may need to ask you to tilt your head or spit. IV Sedation If the procedure you are doing requires you to be asleep then you will be given IV sedation dentistry. The IV line will be inserted into a vein in your arm. A steady stream of medication will go into your vein and this will ensure that you are unconscious throughout the procedure. Your vital signs will be monitored closely while you're unconscious. At Sherwood Family Dental our priority is to make sure that you are safe. Your dentist will also use oxygen to ensure that you are breathing properly at all times. Get Your Best Smile You can get your best smile without feeling pain or discomfort. All you have to do is talk with your dentist and the right sedation dentistry treatment will be chosen. If you have dental anxiety your dentist will explain to you how sedation dentistry can help you to relax and make the procedure go more quickly. If you want to understand more about the procedure then you should make sure that you ask your dentist ahead of time. If you want to get the best dental care, don't hesitate to contact us at Sherwood Family Dental.



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