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Providing Root Canals & Wisdom Teeth Removal in Victoria

Welcome to Sherwood Family Dental, your premier source for oral healthcare services. For over 20 years, we have been one of the trusted family
dental centres in Victoria. We provide a stress-free and comfortable environment to our patients. When your oral problems become intolerable, look

no further than us for emergency dental services. You can count on us for wisdom teeth extraction in Victoria. You can count on us for wisdom teeth removal in Victoria. At our clinic, we provide services including general, cosmetic and pediatric dentistry.


Teeth problems are not always straight forward. Though many oral issues can be treated without surgical intervention, some conditions simply require more to restore your good oral health and bring you back to your natural, pain-free state. Whether you’re experiencing pain from an infected root canal or need to have wisdom teeth removed, there are a variety of conditions that can be treated by Sherwood Family Dental. Dr. Mulholland and his team are fully equipped to provide the highest level of oral surgery in Victoria.


Wisdom Teeth
Usually appearing well into your teenage years or into early adulthood, wisdom teeth are the final set of molars to come out. Located at the very back of your mouth, wisdom teeth can often cause discomfort varying from mild to extreme when they break through the gum line.

While many people’s wisdom teeth grow perfectly straight and cause no problems other than the aforementioned discomfort during the eruption, some less fortunate patients’ experience is more painful. The most common causes of wisdom teeth troubles are misaligned teeth or impacted ones, both requiring extractions to correct and avoid further complications.


Wisdom teeth removal is often suggested because it prevents a host of other problems that may take place if the wisdom teeth are not removed on time. These problems include:


Damage to other teeth

One primary reason wisdom teeth removal is recommended is that a wisdom tooth can damage other teeth around it due to consistent pushing and lack of space.


Jaw problems

Wisdom teeth removal will undoubtedly keep you at bay from most jaw problems such as discomfort in the jaw, stiffness, soreness, and more.


Sinus issues

As wisdom teeth grow in, they can put pressure on your sinuses, causing pain and congestion. This can also lead to recurring sinus headaches. Going for wisdom teeth removal will prevent such sinus issues.


Inflamed gums

Gum disease and inflammations are often associated with wisdom teeth, which is why dentists ask patients with wisdom teeth to have them removed promptly.


Other problems associated with wisdom teeth are cavities, misaligned teeth, and more. If you wish to learn more about why wisdom teeth removal is beneficial, we’ve listed a few benefits of it below.


We offer wisdom teeth removal and a wide range of other dentistry services in Victoria. Get in touch with us today.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Procedure
To circumvent any negative and long-lasting effect on your oral health caused by misaligned or impacted wisdom teeth, it is recommended and often required to remove the troublesome molars. During the procedure, the dentist or oral surgeon tending to the patient makes an incision in the gum to expose the concerning tooth.

From that point, the attending dental professional may choose to divide the tooth in multiple sections for easier removal, or to remove the tooth whole with the help of a specialized tool. Once all debris is cleaned from the extraction site, the wound is typically stitched before gauze is placed on the extraction site to facilitate the formation of a blood clot.

Wisdom teeth removals are performed under the effect of local anesthesia, but we understand that the thought of oral surgery can be bothersome to some patients. Sherwood Family Dental offers various methods of sedation (oral, IV, or nitrous oxide) to help you feel as comfortable as possible with the extraction. Rely on our dentists for wisdom tooth removal in Victoria.

Benefits of Wisdom Teeth Removal


We understand how much pain and discomfort a wisdom tooth can cause. That’s why getting it removed can be one of the wisest decisions you make. Some of the reasons why its removal can be beneficial for you and your oral health are:


  • Reduced headaches and pain: The emergence of new teeth can cause teeth crowding. Teeth crowding and the growth of new teeth from the gums often cause pain and headaches.


  • Reduced risk of oral diseases: Keeping a wisdom tooth can come with problems like tooth decay and gum disease. These problems become more severe in the future, such as bone loss, gum recession and increased discomfort. Getting a wisdom tooth removal prevents these risks to oral and physical health and hygiene.


  • Prevent damage to nearby teeth: The pressure with which the wisdom tooth emerges between other teeth can weaken and loosen the roots of adjacent teeth. Removal of the teeth can keep the existing ones safe and far from any diseases.


You don’t have to wait for your wisdom teeth to cause problems to have them removed. Book your consultation with us today. Our team of dentists is well qualified and experienced in performing the procedure.

Root Canal Therapy

If you’re suffering from a severe toothache or have been experiencing prolonged sensitivity to heat and cold temperatures, you might require a root canal. This procedure is performed when the nerve tissue of the tooth is damaged or infected, causing unpleasant symptoms such as pain, sensitivity to verifying temperatures and pressure, swelling, tenderness, and discoloration of the tooth.


Performed by a dentist or an endodontist, a root canal consists of the removal of the dental pulp. The nerve tissue is then replaced by a paste that acts as a sealant, and capped with a filling to repair the exterior access hole. Because teeth requiring root canal therapy are often weak or severely damaged, a crown or other restoration might need to take place after your initial appointment to strengthen the affected tooth and prevent breaking.

If you’re experiencing tooth pain and think wisdom teeth extraction or root canal therapy in Victoria is necessary, please call Sherwood Family Dental to schedule a consultation. We look forward to serving you!

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