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Experience comfort and relaxation during your procedure with sleep dentistry.

Relax During Dental Procedures with Sedation Dentistry in Victoria

Have you felt anxious before visiting a dentist? Has the thought of seeing a dentist ever scared you? If yes, then don't worry because it happens with many of us. Dental anxiety is real and those who suffer from this often avoid going to the dentist. The longer you put off your dentist appointments, the more you risk your oral hygiene. So what should one with dental anxiety do? The answer is dental sedation.



Why Choose Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry has proven to be extremely effective for people who have dental anxiety or a fear of seeing a dentist. We at Sherwood Family Dental in Victoria offer sedation dentistry services to help our patients enjoy an anxiety-free dental experience. While fear and anxiety are common reasons why dental sedation is suggested but there are numerous other reasons as well where dental sedation might be a good choice for you. Some of them are:

  • You feel discomfort sitting in a dental office chair
  • You require a longer appointment for a dental treatment
  • You are prone to gagging during dental examinations and treatments
  • You have issues receiving local anesthesia


Types of Sedation Options


Among the types of sedation we offer are:

Oral Sedation
Prior to your treatment, a dose of medication will be taken orally that will help dull the senses and provide a moderate state of sedation. This means that you won’t be able to remember the pain, smells or noises from the procedure. The drugs we use for oral sedation include:

  • Valium®
  • Halcion®
  • Ativan®
  • Versed®


IV Sedation
Also known as “twilight”, IV sedation is administered in a specialized hospital or a clinic. It is given via an intravenous line, meaning the effects of the sedation will be felt immediately. Those who have received IV sedation previously have said it feels as if they slept through the entire procedure. Sherwood Family Dental strongly recommends bringing a designated driver with you to drive you home following the procedure, as it is likely you will feel a bit groggy and sleepy once the IV sedative is removed.

Nitrous Oxide
Oftentimes referred to as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is applied through a nose mask throughout the duration of your procedure. Many patients who have received nitrous oxide during treatment report that it provides a sense of well-being, relaxation and comfort. With this sedation treatment, you can conveniently drive back home as it wears off quickly.

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Fear of seeing a dentist is something that you shouldn't be ashamed of. If this fear is coming between you and your oral hygiene, then it's time to speak to a dentist about sedation dentistry. Give us a call or visit our office, where we offer a wide range of dental services. If you’re looking for sedation dentistry options near you, then Sherwood Family Dental is the place to be. Get in touch with our dentists today.

Say Bye to Your Dental Anxieties

Sherwood Family Dental in Victoria can help to not feel the pain through sedation dentistry.

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